Uma Nova Pizzaria

A New Pizzeria

João and Bianca decide to try out a new restaurant for lunch!


  • I wish I knew about this site earlier ! I have my ciple exam in two days and I still don’t feel I’m ready enough I’ll try to listen to as many shorties as possible ! Hope it’ll help

  • It’s very common in the United States to ask for a “doggie bag” in a restaurant to take home food that you could not finish. Is this common in Portugal?
    (Part of the reason for this is that the portions tend to be overly large in restaurants here)

    • Olá, Jay. I don’t think it happens as much over here, but whenever I’ve requested it/seen someone request it, servers were always happy to oblige. We have fully embraced the word tupperware for many years now (with a slightly messed up pronunciation, mind you), so you can ask for one, for example. Or just ask something like “Posso levar para casa? Pode embalar?” (Can I take it home? Can you package it?) 🙂

  • Hi. Could ” que já comi até hoje” ( I’ve ever eaten)…..also be translated as “I’ve eaten until now /until today” in a different context ? Thanks !

    • Olá, Geoffrey. Sure – Even in this same context, that translation would be fine. It’s pretty much the same.

  • olá, podia explicar isto” Se isso foi um pedido para te dar um bocado, eu já ia dar.” Significa que ” Se tu quiseres um bocadinho da minha pizza, eu vou dar-te”, é??

    • Olá! O que a pessoa quer dizer é “Se estás a pedir-me um bocadinho da minha pizza, descansa, porque eu já tinha a intenção de dar” 🙂

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