1. Excellent work, guys, we just recommended it to our readers after learning about it from one of your users. Keep at it! Bom trabalho!

  2. Excellent…excellent…excellent
    My biggest problem in learning Portuguese was understanding the male speech also the children’s
    but I understood clearly the entire script..

  3. Eu desejo Pedro e Elina toda a sorte do mundo.Logo eu também falarei duas línguas! Obrigada Joel, bom trabalha!

  4. Hello! Congratulations. You two are really amazing. I’ve learnt a lot with your Portuguese classes. I was looking for information about european portugues and I finally found what I was really looking for. Thank very much.I’m Venezuelan and my wife and children are portuguese because of her parents. I started studying this language and I don’t know how but I fell in love with the language. Here in Venezuela there are many people studying portuguese so please continue doing your job that we will continue studying. Believe it or not I’m a middle aged man but I know that I will speak Portuguese very well. Thank very much.

  5. I like this episode very much, however I think that the translation should be checked, because I believe that there are various errors throughout.

    Maybe I’m too much of a perfectionista!!!!

    Muito obrigada para tudo!


  6. Also, can you please review the quiz questions/answers? Several of the questions have more than one possible answer, and also use the word “namorado” instead of “namorada” when referring to Ilina.

    Very confusing!!!!


  7. Thank you, you are great, i enjoy study with you guys alot.
    Please change the name of the girl in the quiz, her name is Elina and not Ilina 🙂

    You are amazing good!!!!

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