À Descoberta de Portugal

The Discovery of Portugal

A Portuguese couple sets out to explore the beauty of their own country, with the help of a travel agency.


  • Olá! Just a quick question. I know there are exceptions to many rules; however, why are “As ilhas ESTÃO no oceano Atlântico” rather than “SÃO no oceano Atlântico”. The islands do not move to other oceans, do they? 😉 To my mind, their location in the Atlantic seems fairly permanent. Is this an exception to the general rule? Thank you in advance. Obrigado!

    • Good question! The verbs ser, estar, and ficar can often be used interchangeably when it comes to physical location. The temporary/permanent distinction is helpful in many cases, but you’re right that this is one of the many exceptions! Here’s a more in-depth discussion on this topic: Ser ou Estar

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