Torre De Belém

Belem Tower

Learn more about the Torre de Belem, one of the most popular monuments to visit in Portugal.

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  • Very clearly spoken and nice pace to follow. Made me look up the PP discussion on São and Santo. Many thanks.

  • I don’t know if it’s because I’ve listened to him for years now, or he’s just an amazing orator (probably both) – but I never have to look at the transcription to understand what Rui is saying! 🙂

    • Rui definitely speaks very clearly. He must cause some amazing “expectation vs. reality” moments when people come to Portugal and realize that many other natives just sound like they’re speaking 80% gibberish 🙂

  • Hi, Anthony,

    Where did you find the PP discussion on São and Santo you mention?
    Sounds interesting – I would like to look it up, too.
    Thank, Monika

    • Thanks for the feedback! You’re right, a lot of these words are more uncommon and would probably fall into a higher level. As most natural speech falls across multiple levels at once, we sometimes make a judgement call to bump these up or down from their initial level estimate. In this case, because the rate of speech is slower than normal and many of the vocabulary words are cognates, we went with A2. If others agree that this seems out of place in A2, we could definitely bump it back up to B1. 🙂

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