Simone de Oliveira

Simone de Oliveira


Learn more about Simone de Oliveira, an iconic Portuguese singer and actress, who is known for her strength and boldness in the face of adversity.


  • Good afternoon, friends
    Excuse me, {chegar a fazer alguma coisa} is one kind expression
    I appreciate your answer

    • Hi! Yes, it is an expression. For example, in this shorty, we’ve got “nunca chegou a casar”, which means “never got to marry”. You can use it in lots of other contexts to talk about things you didn’t get to do, even though they were expected, or things that you managed to do.

    • Sim, a Simone tem um percurso interessante. No universo dos artistas, ela é um dos símbolos nacionais 🙂

  • I’m a bit confused about a certain part in the story.
    Simone got married and then ran away after 2 months. So I imagine that from when she got married to when she ran away, her husband was beating her, and so she left him quite quickly, after only two months.
    Up until here it makes sense.
    But then “didn’t marry the father of the children”.
    So some time after she left her husband, she met another man, had children with this second man, but they didn’t get married?

    • Olá, Ali. I understand your confusion! She had a very brief marriage at 19 where she was physically abused. Then, she met the father of her children (so, a different man), but they didn’t get married. It was only after that relationship that she finally ended up marrying again.

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