Questões Inconvenientes

Inconvenient Questions


Like any curious child, Tiago is constantly asking his parents questions, but some are easier to answer than others…

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  • I feel like I’m making progress. I could understand the majority of this dialogue without having to follow along with the script. Reading the script helped me fill in the blanks without needing to look at the translation.

  • I got it all without the translation, too, though I did look at the transcription. The word for “guess” is a handy one to acquire.

  • Great to follow along and hear the questions we studied in the previous lessons. Very helpful.



  • This is the first time i understood 85% of the dialogue without reading the transcription! i’m elated! Thank you, I am responding rather well to your teaching methods!! :):)

  • These new shorties are so helpful for us beginners and encourage me to do more as I can understand them.

  • I would you like to know what is the difference between Beginner and Easier in your podcasts? Is there a difference?

    • Hi there, the levels are fairly loosely defined, since normal speech cuts across many levels, but Beginner is the simplest level. For beginner shorties, we try to stick to simpler vocabulary and grammar, repetitive phrases, shorter sentences, and mostly present tense. Beginner is a little bit more complex, with more instances of other tenses, longer sentences, and more new vocabulary being used.

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