O Mundo Sem Jogos

The World Without Games

Pedro is a teenager who became addicted to video games, but he recently discovered a whole new world full of activities and sports.


    • No, the two words are not at all similar. “A devida atenção” = Enough attention/Proper attention. “Demasiada atenção” = Too much attention.

  • Help me please with the grammar of the first sentence, which just sounds like a fragment to my foreign ears. Should it be understood as ‘desde que os dez anos’ ‘As long as [since?] I turned ten [‘the ten years’] I have a game console’. But how does that get us to ‘have had’ [tive tido or some such?]. Or let me put it this way: wouldn’t it be a better sentence without the ‘que’?

    • Desde os dez anos que eu tenho uma consola is just another way of saying Eu tenho uma consola desde os dez anos. When you flip up the sentence, “que” is added as a sort of connecting word, and without it (i.e. Desde os dez anos eu tenho uma consola), the sentence actually sounds awkward. You can’t translate it as literally as you did, though. Regardless of the tenses used in Portuguese, in English, it sounds more idiomatic to say something like “I’ve had a video game console ever since I was ten”. That’s the actual idea being conveyed 🙂

  • That’s an interesting one, because in English you could idiomatically say something like, “Well, I didn’t pay too much attention to that, meaning in fact, I didn’t pay enough/sufficient/proper attention to that! It obviously doesn’t follow in Portuguese though!

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