O Aeroporto

The Airport

Follow Manuel as he goes through the check-in process at the airport before his flight to Rome.


  • Obrigadinho Rui e Joel por esta lição de português sobre “ O Aeroporto “ foi muito informativo. Queria ver mais sequelas a respeito a este tema se for possível. Estou muito agradecido pelo que vocês fizeram e vocês fazem. Continuam com o bom trabalho. mais uma vez muito obrigado, Ivory

  • Hi Guys,
    Two short questions.
    (1) I notice that, in this and other shorties, you use the verb ‘pretender’ rather than ‘querer’. Is this normal or is it mainly used in certain contexts?
    (2) You translate “Como é que poderei ajudar o senhor? ” as “How can I help you sir?” rather than: “How will I be able to help you sir? Again, is this normal usage?

    • Hi, Declan.
      (1) ‘Pretender’ is just an extra polite alternative to ‘querer’ (even a bit overly polite, to my ears!). In this context, of making polite requests, they overlap in terms of use. Otherwise, the similarities/differences between them are the same as those between “to want” and “to intend”, in English.
      (2) The alternative translation you proposed is the most literal, but the one that was used is more idiomatic, I’d say. That’s the only reason behind that translation choice here. Using the future form “poderei” instead of “posso” is also just for extra politeness.

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