O Natal Das Famílias

In a special TV report about Christmas, Fernando, Sara and Bruno take the spotlight, after Fernando is invited to talk about his family’s holiday traditions.


  • Adoro estes episódios secretos! Quero acabar muito mais Units para que eu possa ver, e desbloquear, mais diálogos como este. 🙂

  • This guy has the sexiest voice?!?! Can I say that? I wanna hear him tell me everything in Portuguese

  • This is a fantastic unit, full of helpful vocabulary, and great information on the traditions at Christmas and the New Year in Portugal. The TV report was fun, I was thrilled to understand most of it, without reading the transcription. This is a first, as I usually have to rely on the transcription and the translation.
    Thank you again for a brilliant website
    Laura Parsons

  • Very good website with a nice approach to teach a difficult language. I did Duolingo for a year before realising that it is “a different language”…. Now I start to understand more of what Portuguese people say. Thank you. The regular conversations are a must to improve understanding.

  • Thanks Mac! ​You’re right, “guys” was not necessary. I think it was just a way to make it overtly clear that the plural form of “you” was being used, but that’s not really needed since it’s clear from the context. ​I removed “guys” and changed the translation for “missa do galo” to Midnight Mass. We went a little too literal with the translation there. (The changes are pending, but there may be a delay before you see the updates appear in the transcript.)

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