Na Pastelaria

At the Pastry Shop

Luís and Manuel are having breakfast at a pastry shop on a Monday morning. Follow along as they order drinks and sweets and pay the bill.


  • Olá, can you explain the use of agradeço in this sentence…Agradeço a vossa escolha e espero que voltem em breve. I thought perhaps the waitress was saying “thank you” but looking up the verb agradecer it seems this is the correct verb to use in this instance? But it still means “to thank” but in another sense ?

    • Olá, Susan. Yes, we have the verb ‘agradecer’ (to thank) and then the expression ‘Obrigado/Obrigada’ (thank you). In many contexts, both can be used. This is one of them. So, (Eu) Agradeço a vossa escolha = Obrigada pela vossa escolha = (I) Thank you for choosing us 🙂

  • Why does the waitress say “aguardem” and “voltem”? Aren’t they the third and second persons plural? But she is speaking to only one person.

    • Hi there, thanks for your question! I think she is speaking to the whole table, both Luís and Manuel. Luís does most of the talking in this episode, so it’s easy to forget that Manuel was there too!

  • Thanks Molly. I didn’t even read the names, so i just assumed it was one person that she was speaking to! It makes total sense now.

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