Lisboetas VS Portuenses

People from Lisbon vs. People from Porto


Have you ever wondered why people from Porto and Lisbon make fun of each other? It’s not just about the accent. Learn more about the origins of their nicknames and the history behind this rivalry.


  • Hello, I cannot understand if there is an error in the question. Shouldn’t it be “Qual É a alcunha”? Obrigado!

    • Hi, Stefano! In this case, it’s not an error, just an alternative way of writing the question. You can say both “Qual a alcunha?” or “Qual é a alcunha?” 🙂 With this particular interrogative pronoun (Qual), it’s possible to omit the verb and still have a grammatically correct sentence.

    • This is great! I love it when you link to the origins of words, especially ones that come from Arabic. So cool alface comes from the word al- Hassa. I was laughing so much..I wouldn’t want to be called tripeira being vegan and all.. so I guess I’m never moving to o Porto! .Would much rather be an alfacinha !! ..:)

      On a side note..I love listening to kena! What a nice voice and clear pronaunciation.

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