Diário De Uma Quarent(o)ena II

Quarantine Diary II


A woman continues to write in her diary about her day to day life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the anxiety surrounding the current crisis, she is discovering ways to find joy in the peaceful moments at home.

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    • Lots of new vocabulary and some tricky grammar in this one for sure! But hang in there — these come in a variety of difficulty levels and we have many simpler ones in the works.

      Sometimes with the more complicated ones, it’s a good idea to start by just focusing in on a few sentences, rather than trying to digest the entire article or dialogue.

  • Yes very hard but worthwhile.
    I did struggle though with Geez-Irra in the vocab. Turns out it isnt really a word but urban slang or a way of saying Jesus without saying it, Sort of OMG territory.
    Is this actually widespread in Portugal or just used by Gangsta type youths on the street?

    • “Gangsta type youths” would most likely not say Irra. It’s actually the sort of slang that you’d expect more from a 40-year-old than from anyone below that age.

  • Very fast spoken and difficult to understand even after looking up the vocabulary. Still too much for my level. Michael

    • Sorry about that Michael and thanks for the feedback! If you keep clicking the “1x” button on the top right of the player, you can slow down the speech. If you go too slow it sounds funny, but at around 0.8x it could help a little bit. Also, check out this list of some of our easier Shorties: Easier Level Shorties

  • Muito rápido e difícil – gostei muito! Já ouvi muitas vezes e cada vez percebo um pouco mais 🙂 Gosto de desafios assim.
    E o voz da mulher é muito agradável 🙂

  • Eu sei muito agradecida para encontrar a sua website. Tenho uma professora maravilhosa e agora, com a sua ajuda, também uma maneira de praticar mas eficiente sozinha!:)

    Muito obrigada!

    Xx Florica

    • Muito obrigado pelo comentário, Florica! Espero que o Practice Portuguese seja um bom complemento para as tuas aulas de português 🙂

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