Três Amigos no Restaurante

Three Friends at the Restaurant

Pedro, João and Maria go to a restaurant and try to choose between lots of tasty and varied options.


  • I love the short conversations, it helps to put what I learn into action. Now I need to have the confidence to practice with some natural flow and intonation that doesn’t come naturally to me.

  • Pedro quer salada com bife, mas qual “bife” é que ele quisere? Ele quere, bife de vaca, bife de porco, bife de atum, ou bife de qualquer outro animal?

  • Regional differences for coffee names? On my favourite stomping ground of Madeira I order a “Chinesa” for a Meie de Leite (coffee with hot milk), a “Garoto” for a small Chinesa, a “Duplo” for a double Bica (Espresso),
    I am curious: Do the Maderenses speak with an accent different from main land Portugal?

    • That’s true, some names are different in Madeira. Personally, I’m not acquainted with the Madeiran terminology (apart from “chinesa”), so I’ll trust you and the locals on this 🙂 Also, the accent in Madeira is indeed distinct. The best-known Madeiran in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, doesn’t have a strong accent by now, but you can maybe google some interviews with his mother Dolores for a direct comparison between her thick accent and that of the journalists, who generally use a neutral “continental” accent.

  • When I was in Portugal, I took a great liking to “pingo”(espresso with a dash of milk) and I noticed the name for this type of coffee is popular in the North and not in the South. I fail to recall what it was called in the south but I did manage to drink it in south as well haha. I realized north is popular for buondi coffee and i observed south serves more of delta haha! I miss Portugal 🙁 Love from India <3. A very useful unit. I reminisced a lot, muito obrigada!

    • Same here! I think garoto might actually be the equivalent in the south, but don’t quote me on that! Or sometimes I just ordered a macchiato because it’s pretty similar.

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