A Rotina do Filipe

Filipe's Routine


Meet Filipe and follow along with his weekly routine to see how this young Portuguese man goes about his daily life.


  • This is good material for me. And the audio is slow enough to understand most of it. The times of the day are not very clear, but overall it is very helpful. Thank you. The FINISH button on the quiz does not work, for some reason.

  • I enjoyed this and actually understood the jist of it except for reading ovos mexidos as Mexican eggs 🙂 I also didn’t pick up on the Tuesdays and Thursdays even though I know my days of the week. Is it common to drop the feira?

    • Thanks for your comment, Rebecca. From ovos mexidos to ovos mexicanos, hah 🙂 Yes, it is common to drop the ‘feira’ and just use the first word (segunda, terça, quarta, quinta, sexta).

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