Diálogo 3 – Vamos ao Cinema?


Improve your Portuguese by listening to native speakers! Use our videos and try the version with subtitles. In this episode, Rui wants to go to the movies, so he calls two friends. What will they decide?


  • As always, great episode! Thank yoo guys so much!
    Could anybody explain to me why Rui uses “ter de” here: Depois tens de nos dizer o que é que…

    I haven’t really understood yet when to use “ter que” vs. “ter de”.

    Thank you guys so much and greetings from Germany,


    • Thank you, Andy! You know, someone asked the exact same question on our forum not so long ago. At the time, I wrote a slightly brainy explanation on the topic, which you can read here: Ter de vs. ter que . Let me know if it answers your question 🙂

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