O Joel Vai Ao Hospital

Joel Goes to the Hospital


Update: January 12, 2018 – As a gift to us and all Practice Portuguese fans, our friend Wayne Wilson has turned this episode into a fully-animated cartoon. The video is free for everyone to watch, plus our supporting Members get access to a special version with subtitles for improving comprehension.


Getting sick can cause pain and suffering, but it’s often not as bad as the hours spent in the waiting room of a hospital!

In this episode you’ll find out what to expect from your first Portuguese hospital visit.

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With Subtitles

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Animated by Wayne Wilson. Please help us thank him in the YouTube comments! ❤️

Note: The following playback controls just apply to the audio-only version of this episode.


  • Hi guys. I noticed that Rui was pronouncing the d’s differently, like the th sound in Spanish (nada). Is that because he was playing an older person? Is that an older style of pronunciation of the letter d?

  • olá o meu nome é frank ,actualmente trabalho numa empresa brasileira em xangai da china , eu já aprendido portugues de brasil , tambem quero aprender portugues europeu especialmente na pronuncia europeua ,vcs têm alguns livros ou site podem me apresentar para aprender portugues europeu? esperando o seu resposta. obrigado

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