Diálogo 18 – O Joel Quer Comprar Uma Mota

Joel has a new project — buying a motorcycle to drive in Lisbon! Will it be easier than taking a taxi? Does Joel know how to do business in Portuguese? Vrum vrum!


  • “150, que dá para usar na autoestrada..”
    “As Scooter’s, que têm 50, não dão para usar na autoestrada”

    Can someone please explain the use of the verb ‘dar’ in these two contexts?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Olá! We can use the verb “dar” in the sense of something being possible or allowed:
      para tirar fotografias aqui? (Is it possible to take pictures here?)
      – Isto não dá! (This doesn’t work!)
      – …que para usar na autoestrada. (…which can be used on the freeway)

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