Artigo 6 – O Que É Português Europeu?


European Portuguese…who knows the main characteristics?


  • Hi!
    I have a question about forms of address..
    I’m moving to Coimbra to study in september – when meeting other students would I address them using tu or o senhor/a senhora?
    muito obrigada

    • Hi Ellen,

      When you are talking to colleges you should definitely address to them using “tu”, unless there is a significant age gap, and your colleague is much older than you, in that case you should approach him/her using the 3rd person conjugation (correspondent to “você”) without using the actual word “você” or “senhor/a” and then wait for them to say: “oh please you can use “tu” with me”.

      For example:
      You – Olá como está? Prazer em conhece-lo.
      Your older colleague – Estou bem obrigado. Mas por favor trate-me por tu.

      It may not happen that they suggest that swap and in that case you will continue treating them using 3rd person singular. But for people with the same age and same professional rank or colleagues at school always “tu”.


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