Portugal Campeão (Part 1)

Portugal the Champions (Part 1)

We celebrate Portugal’s futebol victory with a play-by-play of how it all went down, including tons of useful expressions and vocabulary, soccer/football related and otherwise.

With Rui and Joel’s lack of sports knowledge (sports experts, you’ve been warned), we hope this episode is as educational as it is wacky!

Show up for the multiple musical outbursts, stay for the in-depth analysis of Ronaldo and his pet moth!

(Photo courtesy of Leticia De La Fuente)


  • I’ve been listening to the podcasts since January and have really enjoyed all of them. However, I will admit the new direction is fantastic. The extended time of the podcast, pauses for explanation, increased vocabulary, is really what I’ve been looking for. I think you have found the right formula. Thank you!

    • Thanks Stephen, we are glad the longer episodes are helpful. And those who don’t want to hear the English rambling can easily focus on the Portuguese article at the beginning and end just like the old episodes. Hopefully it’s win-win 🙂

  • i just finished the episode about the match…. WOW, fantastic. I am not a futbol fan but i love the way this lesson has been styled. BIG big compliments… Already looking forward to the second part!

    • Haha we thought it would be a good challenge to make an episode about futebol with neither of us being experts on the topic. Made it fun to record, that’s for sure. Part 2 is coming very soon.

  • I’ve been listening to the podcasts for some time now but have recently become a premium member and wish I had done so ages ago. If I can dedicate myself to listening to podcasts and doing exercises every day, then my portuguese will improve quickly. This is a very helpful and innovative format. Thanks guys.

  • Bom dia, amigos, é verdade, o novo formato é realmente bom. Ansioso para o próximo capítulo com alegría. Espero que agora o meu português vai melhorar rapidamente. Obrigada! Leila

  • Desde uma semana sou ‘premium member’. Já estudei vários textos e estou realmente feliz com a grande variadade de exercícios. Estudar português com vocês é um grande prazer. Prefiro o Quiz e especialmente as respostas erradas: são realmente divertidas!
    Naturalmente vi a final, na televisão em Holanda, e depois , durante as minhas férias em Portugal, encontrei tantos portugueses que foram tão felizes com a vitória. Lembro-me de tudo isso quando leio e ouvo os vossos dois episódios. Os meus parabéns!
    Aliás, como é que uma alma portuguesa consegue a viver no frio do norte?

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