Video: Lavar a Loiça Com a Avó Odete

Avó Odete is back! She teaches us lots of new vocabulary while chatting, singing, and washing the dishes, (with Rui’s “help” 🙈). Rui even attempts to get her saying “asneiras” (bad words!) Watch now to see if he succeeds!

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  • Gostei muito deste vídeo… Odete é fabulosa! E como imigrante é muito útil ouvir português como falado pelos portugueses. Posso seguir português quando ver as notícias ao televisão onde os apresentadores falem na forma ‘correta’, mas se alguém numa loja por exemplo me diz algo inesperado eu não compreendo nada!!! Todas estas expressões são também muito uteis! Obrigado a todos – particularmente, Odete!

  • This is by far, one of my favorite videos! I absolutely love watching the interaction between Rui and his grandmother. Rui always speaks so clearly and at a nice pace, so that the viewer can really understand what is happening. Thank you for these wonderful learning tools. I am so glad I have the monthly subscription, so that I have access to all the conversations in both Portuguese and English. I can’t wait for your next video! Thank you for all the great work!

  • I loved it, it explained so many of the nuances (bife) and the difference with the dishes , cutlery etc.i would love to see an episode where things go wrong, boiler, plumbing , electrics and see how to deal with the problems of owning a house and maintaining it in Portugal , maybe a bit boring for a young audience but great for those of us who have to try and deal with these things!

    Keep up the brilliant work and the videos.

  • Muito obrigada Odette e Rui e Joel. As vezes é difícil para morar em um país diferente mas tenho encontrado algumas pessoas como Odette que são tão amaveis e que querem ajudar-me e significa muito para mim. Mais uma vez, obrigada!

  • Excellent! What a great way to learn! Please keep on doing what you’re doing, it will help thousands of us who learned Portuguese in college but don’t understand a word of Portuguese in the street! Thanks

  • Parabens para a Avó Odette, Rui e Joel. São verdadeiros artistas do cinema português. Gostei muito e aprendí mais. É um video para voltar a estudar várias vezes. Isto é um óptimo material de estudo. Muito obrigado!

  • What an absolutely wonderful video. We enjoyed the interaction between the two of you and Rui, you are just soooo naughty! You’re so lucky that she puts up with all your nonsense! We’d love to have an Avó just like Avó Odette! She makes us miss our grandparents so much! Thank you so much for making our Portuguese lessons so enjoyable and entertaining! Congratulations on another superb video! Beijinhos para todos, mas especialmente a Avó Odette!
    Beijinhos, David & Lesley

  • Please thank Avó Odette very much indeed for this video. It is extremely helpful and I love to both see and hear this dear lady. I hope you give her an outing to a park or somewhere so that she can have an enjoyable day out and we can learn some more of this incredibly difficult language! A big hug to your grandmother and thanks too to you both, Rui & Joel.

  • This video is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I had a grandmother just like yours. Only all of the beautiful songs were in Irish. I miss her, and your Grandmother fills, if only for a moment, a little space in my heart. Your videos have such a genuine feel to them. It is as if, I’m participating in real Portuguese life rather than watching some contrived, boring dialogue. Super job as always, guys.

  • This is by far one of my favorite videos! Your grandma is so cute! I learned a lot of practical things useful for when I visit Portugal. Hope to see more videos with your grandma soon!

  • Absolutely fabulous! This sort of every day non stop conversation with Portuguese sub titles is just like being in Portugal.
    Makes learning interesting and funny too:)). Would love more please!

  • Obrigada por este maravilhoso video. Aprender com voces e mil vezes mais eficiente do que todas as outras ferramentas que tenho.You have helped me a lot in the last months since I discovered you, thank you for your talent, for your kindness and for being so funny!

  • I loved this! It reminded me so much of the early years of my marriage when my husband would talk with his mother in her Lisbon kitchen and I would struggle to understand what they were saying. Now I understand so much more than I did back then, but the “everyday” conversation continues to be such a staple that it is always helpful in reinforcing vocabulary, etc. And one more thing – my mother-in-law (may she rest in peace) had that VERY SAME VINYL TABLECLOTH with the teacups on it!!! (;})

  • Thanks a lot for this video! Grandma Odete is adorable! Like was said in previous comments, you help very much the people abroad to hear and learn a real spoken Portuguese.

  • Maravilhoso, principalmente a musica “Seus olhos castanhos”, que me fez recordar minha infancia, no Brasil. Sou professora de portugues nos E.U. desde 2001 e estou atualmente ensinando uma pessoa do Congo (fala francês como primeiro idioma). Ela está indo para Angola com a sua família, porque seu marido tem negócios lá. Acho que este link vai ajudá-la muito.
    Obrigada pelo trabalho de vocês. Estão de parabéns.
    Um abraço. Tchau!
    Vera Pereira

  • Fun. Enjoyable. Very very useful. After learning Spanish for ten years making the leap into Portuguese. So similar when written but poles apart when spoken. Your site is a fantastic way to help me make the transition rapidly. Putting together written Portugese with written English and spoken Portuguse in total submersion allows my mind to make the connections. Rui. The way you speak so clear and yet so natural is perfection. There is so much boring repetition in beginning a new language. You and Joel make it as painless as it can be. Many many thanks.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Suan! We’re honoured to be part of your Portuguese journey, and feedback like yours makes the experience just as rewarding for us as well 🙂

  • I really like the video, and very helpful!! But come on … three men walking around the grandmother and none of them helping …

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