Feliz Natal e Boas Festas!

Feliz Natal e Boas Festas!

What better way to celebrate the season than with a bit of snow and -11°C temperatures? Check out the holiday hijinx we got up to while almost freezing to death in Toronto, Canada this month… and learn a bit of seasonal vocabulary at the same time!

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9 Responses to Feliz Natal e Boas Festas!

  1. Ola Rui, ola Joel,
    boas festas!
    Estou a ouvir o novo podcast! Muito interessante e útil como sempre!
    Obrigado pelas suas ideias que apoiam o meu estudo de português. Gosto de immenso!

  2. I studied Portuguese back in 2004 and got a Celpe-Bras certification and you Practice Portuguese site + podcast is amazing. I enjoy listening to your podcasts and seen your videos.

    Great Job you guys! Continue the Good Work you have done together so far…

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