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Viagem para Lisboa

Trip to Lisbon

Andreia and Filipe have a long day of travel ahead of them as they make their way to Lisbon by bus, plane, metro, and train.

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  • Hi there – In the example below from the shorty, why is ‘à’ used rather than ‘para’? Can both be used to express movement towards a destination?

    e.g. Apanhamos a linha vermelha até à Alameda

    Thanks in advance!

    • Olá 🙂 You can use either one in this context. “Apanhamos a linha vermelha até à Alameda” = Apanhamos a linha vermelha para a Alameda”.

  • Excellent as always thanks. Your efforts are appreciated. The query with this one comes with the differing translations of Não me irrites!. According to your translation ‘Don’t make me angry’ is a term somebody (except the Incredible Hulk.) might feel comfortable using anywhere with anybody. But Google translate gives a much harsher and more aggressive translation ‘Don’t p*** me off’ which may not be so flexible (or welcome). Which of those two translations are the Portuguese likely to assume it means? Thanks.

    • Thanks for your comment 🙂 “Não me irrites” is definitely not as harsh as Google Translate makes it out to be. The verb irritar is not a swear word, not even a mild one.

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