Sr. Alberto no Consultório Médico

Mr. Alberto at the Doctor's Office


Sr. Alberto goes to his medical checkup and vows to be a better patient, once again.


  • Hi guys.. some feedback.

    These dialogues at the end of each learning unit are brilliant for consolidation of the structures learned in each unit. A great idea! I listen twice through without transcription and see what I can recognise. After that, I listen again and read the transcription at the same time, checking for comprehension. Next I listen again with the translation and clear up any items I didn’t understand, noting any new vocabulary. Then I copy the whole dialogue into my exercise book, highlighting the targeted structures from the unit. Finally, I listen to the whole dialogue again making sure that I can understand everything. It’s really helpful.

    I hope you find this feedback useful.

    Best wishes

  • Ola!
    Could you please explain the term exames in this situation and why he should be bringing them to the doctor. In England we take exams at the end of an education course. If we have an appointment with the doctor, he carries out an examination. Confusion of terms!!
    Obrigado e cumprimentos.

    • Olá, David. Indeed, ‘exams’ is not the right term here, but neither is ‘examination’. In this case, the doctor was actually talking about this man’s lab/diagnostic test results. In Portugal, unless you’re having these tests done at the hospital (in which case doctors receive the results directly and then share them with patients), you can go to a lab whenever you want, have some tests done and then get the results yourself. It’s then up to you what you do with them 🙂

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