Vamos Limpar!

For the first time in Lisbon, efforts have been made to clean up trash and encourage change in the way we treat our planet. Learn more about this initiative!


  • I would love to see dialogues on aviation, even make it a series to follow. For example, preparing to go on a trip, packing your bags, meeting all the security measures as far as what you can bring., going thru metal detectors. , arriving at the gate late, missing my flight, when is the next flight , what things you are allowed to bring on board, sitting next to an annoying passenger, my reading light isn’t working, I am a vegetarian. What are your meal choices?. just a suggestion. By the way, I love the shorties. They are awesome. I love when you mix it up. Keeps it interesting. The dialogues are the right length. I love the fact that there is no vocabulary overload. I am moving to Portugal soon . I love the fact that the conversations are real. Just the way it is spoken. Thank you

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