Uma Aventura no Metropolitano

An Adventure on the Metro

Luís is visiting Lisbon for the first time and plans to travel by metro. As he’s not familiar with this form of transportation, he decides to ask for some help!

  • It would be good to click on the vocabulary words and hear them repeated in Portuguese for pronunciation and recognition. Obrigado!

  • Hi! A quick question.
    In this sentence
    “Luís: Eu tenho que ir para a Praça do Comércio, mas não sei bem como.”
    should “tenho que” be “tenho de”? If not, why?
    I really cannot tell from the audio itself.

    • Olá, Paul. You’re right, Luís says ‘tenho de’, so it should’ve been transcribed as such. Thanks for noticing; we’ll get it fixed.

      Regarding the difference between ‘tenho de’ and ‘tenho que’ (usually, none), you can take a look at this forum post where we talk about it: Ter de vs. ter que

  • Thanks for the reply and the forum link. I will make a bumper sticker for “Portuguese is messed up. Just…” 🙂

  • Is Luís saying “Será que me PODES ajudar, por favor?” instead of “Será que me PODERIA ajudar, por favor?” as written in the transcript?

    • Well spotted! He’s not saying “podes”, but “pode” (as in “você pode”). We’ll update the transcript accordingly. Thanks for catching that 🙂

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