Um Sítio Para Almoçar

A Place to Have Lunch

Renato asks for suggestions on where he and his family should eat lunch.


  • That infinitive of ir in “O melhor é irmos já para lá” is quite challenging and interesting. It is best “we to go” there now = it’s best to go there now.
    Is the infinitive conjugated? So in Portuguese the infinitive is not static like in English where it is always “to go”, but it conjugates to reflect the first, second & third persons singular and plural??

    • We have two forms of the infinitive: One is impersonal and static, like you said, but there’s also a personal infinitive with different conjugations per person. That’s the one being used in that sentence 🙂 It can be difficult to really grasp where/how it can be used, but here’s a Learning Note that might help: Impersonal vs Personal Infinitive

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