Um Fim De Semana Cultural

A Cultural Weekend


Luís and his family took a trip to Sintra to embrace history and Portuguese culture. Let’s see how their weekend went!


  • Love your site; been using it about four months. One tiny gripe, though. It would be so much better if you listed the vocabulary for the “shorties” in the order that it appears, rather than alphabetically.
    All the best,

  • Just now signed up. Finished my first shorty, wasn’t able to understand everything but enough to get the drift of what was said.
    The vocabulary, expressions and quiz are helpful

    Anthony Monteiro

  • Eu também visitei Sintra recentemente. O palácio é ótimo. Mas o que mais me entusiasmou foi o parque/floresta na serra de Sintra. Tanto verde!

    • Olá! Sorry for only replying now, but the spam filter messed up and blocked your comment.

      This tense is not actually the future subjunctive, but the personal infinitive in the third-person plural. ‘Viver’ is a regular verb, so its future subjunctive and personal infinitive conjugations look the same and are easily mistaken for one another.

      Now, why is the personal infinitive used here? Simply because the subordinating conjunction “apesar de” requires it. Different conjunctions force the verbs into different tenses. For example, the conjunction “embora” always asks for subjunctive tenses (present or imperfect). So, had we used that one instead, we’d have to write “Embora vivam em Lisboa…”. Hope this helps 🙂

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