Turismo Rural Em Portugal

Rural Tourism in Portugal


Rural tourism is a great idea for those who want a different type of getaway and a more relaxing break from daily life. Discover the benefits that rural tourism has to offer for both your wallet and your well-being.


  • So pleased with these new shorties. Great for times when there’s just not enough time to go through the very lengthy dialogues. A chance to make progress briefly and effectively, and to listen to the spoken language with rapidly acquired understanding. Thank you!

  • I love these segments because they enhance listening and comprehension skills…the quiz at the end is a great idea! I find in my formal language classes the professors test for this so these exercises are excellent practice.

  • In question 5 of the quiz: “Qual a grande vantagem financeira do turismo rural? ”
    Shoudn’t it be: “Qual é a grande vantagem financeira do turismo rural?” ?

    • For questions with the interrogative pronoun “Qual” or “Quais”, it is acceptable to omit the verb ser, so either way would be fine 🙂

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