Ouro Líquido… ou Azeite?

Liquid Gold... or Olive Oil?

Olive oil is produced extensively in Portugal and has been an integral part of the history and culture. You’ll be surprised by the number of diverse uses for this precious oil. Here’s a longer Shorty for you (a Longy?) at about 8 minutes!


  • É com muito prazer que li e ouvi este shorty que foi realizado com tanto orgulho e amor, e isso com razão: que rica história e longa tradição!
    No Alentejo vi troncos de oliveiras que até depois de um incêndio conseguiram rebentar. São heróis na paisagem de Portugal.
    Shorty, longy? O que significa 8 minutos perante a idade de 2800 anos da oliveira mais velha? É um shorty com certeza!
    Obrigado pela aula interessante.

    P.S. Este texto lembrou-me o episódio ‘A Rota da Cortiça’. São temas interessantes.

  • Hi. Enjoyed the ‘Longy’ but I think you need to make your questions more difficult at this level, in particular. Or rather give a range of answers which each sound probable. For example, surely everybody knows that olive trees can be very ancient and that olive oil has been produced for centuries? I have often thought that even if I understood less than half of the dialogue I could get most of the answers correct by using my common sense.
    Hope this comment is helpful – it is intended to be constructive!

    • Thanks for the constructive feedback! Understood. We’ll try to work on making the questions more difficult at this level.

  • Whilst the answers may be relatively simple I believe that they are apt in being concentrated on a number of key points from an article written in a typically literary Portuguese style.
    So I am ok with it.

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