Óculos Graduados


A woman goes shopping for new eyeglasses. Follow along to learn some new vocabulary you could use in this situation.

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  • 00:00:03Empregado: Boa tarde, posso ajudá-la?
  • 00:00:05Cliente: Olá, boa tarde. Sim, eu preciso de comprar uns óculos graduados…
  • 00:00:10Empregado: Tem alguma ideia do que procura?
  • 00:00:13Cliente: Sim, eu quero uns óculos com uma armação discreta, mas moderna, do género deste modelo aqui…
  • 00:00:20Empregado: Se me permite a sugestão, deixe-me mostrar-lhe antes este modelo.
  • 00:00:26É do mesmo género, mas com um formato redondo, que, a meu ver, fica melhor com o seu tipo de rosto.
  • 00:00:34Cliente: Posso experimentar?
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antirreflexoanti-reflective antirriscoanti-scratch a armaçãoframe glasses discretodiscreet sing.,masc. disponívelavailable espessurathickness experimentarto try out, taste, experience o formatoformat, shape graduadograded, graduated, scaled sing.,masc. o génerogender, genre, kind habituar-seto get used to, habituate oneself as lenteslenses o modelomodel, type, pattern, version oftalmologistaophthalmologist, eye doctor a receitaprescription redondoround sing.,masc. os óculosglasses
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O mais indicadoMost suitable, most appropriate os doisboth, the two of them Tem razãoYou're right sing.,formal Posso experimentar?Can I try it on? Se me permite a sugestãoIf I may suggest Esteja à vontadeFeel free, Be at ease, Be my guest sing.,formal óculos graduadosprescription eyeglasses, "graded" glasses
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  • Do I assume that “graded glasses” means normal, clear, corrective, prescription eyewear. Or is there something more fancy implied here?

    I know that various English speaking places use different terms for spectacles, but I’ve never come across the term “graded glasses” before. For the record, in the UK, we’d say “prescription glasses” or just “glasses”.

    • Yes, “graded glasses” are normal prescription-graded glasses/eyewear! Nothing else implied.
      Thank you for your insight! 🙂

  • I assumed “óculos graduadoes” referred to the type of glasses which have a smooth gradient between reading glasses and distance visions (called progressive lens in English), so I appreciate the clarification above. Is there a term for that progressive style in Portuguese and for multi-prescription lens with a sharp cut-off like bifocals or trifocals in English?


    • The term “Óculos graduados” includes all types of graded/corrective glasses, with any kind of lenses: progressive, monofocal, bifocal, multifocal. In Portuguese we can say: Óculos graduados com lentes progressivas = Graded glasses with progressive lenses. Lentes monofocais = Monofocal lenses; Lentes bifocais = Bifocal lenses; Lentes multifocais = Multifocal lenses. Note that “Focais” is the plural of “focal” (just like in english). If we were talking about just one lens, we could say “lente mono/bi/multifocal ou progressiva” (“mono/bi/multifocal or progressive lens”). This is as far as I can go as a non-professional in this eyewear field! 🙂

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