Nazaré, um Paraíso Para Surfistas

Nazaré, a Paradise for Surfers


Nazaré is a lovely Portuguese fishing village that has been getting the attention of an ever-growing number of travelers and thrill-seekers. Come along with us to explore this charming destination!


  • Hi guys.
    I am really enjoying learning with you. I am working my way through the shorties, having started with the earliest you put on line. I am trying to do at least a couple of shorties a day and also work on the learning units and finding that they fit together pretty well. What has impressed me most is that you are helping me enjoy learning and I do need this as I am not naturally a hard working committed student,
    A lot to do with enjoyment is the sense of fun in the shorties. However today I really enjoyed the Nazare episode because it was more difficult and had another voice. I am hoping that you will throw in some more like this as I go forward. I think it might even be an idea to introduce another intermediate level between the shorties and the podcasts/videos which are similar to the Nazare script. You could get native speakers to just talk about a subject for 2 minutes. I am not complaining, just offering an idea.
    Next moth I am coming to Braga to visit a dentist to have some implants completed. I came before in February to have the first part of the work done. (It is half the price of dental work in England) So any lessons you can do about visiting the dentist would be good.

    • Richard, thank you so much for the kind words and also for your suggestions. While I can’t make any promises, we do take note of all the good ideas people send our way 🙂

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