Infância De Um Campeão

We all know Cristiano Ronaldo and have witnessed his amazing soccer skills, but do you know his story? Get to know CR7 and learn how he achieved his success!


  • For my level it was too quick, a pause between eash phrase would be very helpful, with a button to press for the next phrase. This would give time for the brain to absorb what has been said. A great way to learn spoken portuguese thanks.

      • Thanks for the tip re the 1X button, did not realise that button can slow the dialogue. Running slower and using the pause button is really helpful. Cheers

  • Trabalho árduo? Plenty of people work much harder than soccer players all life long and do more useful tasks for the society. Running after a ball is useless and shouldn’t be seen as “hard work”. “Hard work” is taking care of people, cleaning, working in a supermarket, teaching, even creating pedagogical content like you…This should be valued. Sorry for writing in (bad) English.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with kamille55, and the hard workers she mentioned are in most cases overworked and underpaid. Footballers get paid far too much money for fairness and equilibrium in society, and they are not alone…..

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