Um Lindo Bebé

A Beautiful Baby

The birth of a new baby prompts a colourful conversation with Tiago, who is fascinated with little Bruno.


  • I had to go through this 3 or 4 times to work out who was who (even with translation) but that’s all to the good for learning Portuguese.
    Initially I thought Tiago was a girl (I know his name ends in ‘o’).

  • “Queres pegar NELE ”
    Could you please explain the use of “nele”. This is the first time I have seen this contraction (?)

    • Olá Marian. Nele is a contraction of em (in/on/at) + ele (him). The preposition em is typically paired with the verb pegar, but when followed by a personal pronoun, it needs to be contracted for the sentence to sound natural. Here’s more about the preposition em and its contractions: The Preposition “Em” 🙂

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