A Vida Do Manuel

Manuel is a 20-year-old man who studies medicine in Porto. Learn more about his family and how he spends his time.


  • Hi,
    You have translated “tive algumas aulas de viola” as “I had some [Portuguese classical] guitar lessons”. I wondered if the word should be “violão” rather than viola?
    Best wishes Declan 🙂

    • Hey Declan! Actually, the word ‘violão’ is mostly used in Brazil. In Portugal, we generally stick to ‘viola’ or ‘guitarra’ 🙂

  • Hi Joseph,
    I have come to realise that Google Translate is basically Brazilian Portuguese. However, my Collins dictionary also gave viola as ‘viola’ and ‘violão’ as guitar; hence, my question. Thank you for putting me right! 🙂

    Best wishes

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