A Farmácia

The Pharmacy

Manuel goes to the pharmacy to get some medications for his fever and cough.


    • Legalmente, não pode, Steve (mesmo que nem sempre as regras sejam cumpridas). A farmacêutica deste shorty é… peculiar!

  • Olá!
    Could you please spell for the farmacêutico pronounces “37,5” (around timestamp 00:01:02) ?
    Muito obrigado.

  • That was driving me crazy too, thanks Molly. I had not expected the word for ‘comma’ to be used, looking instead for ‘point’, as in thirty eight (the most popular number in our household, being my wife’s shoe size) point five .

  • Thanks for catching that, Michael! The audio says “Obrigado”, but we must have made a typo in the transcript. We’ll correct it. 🙂

  • Do you use future conjugation for conditional or courtesy situations in Portugal instead of conditional conjugation, for example podia/ poderia?

    • We don’t use the future, but the imperfect past 🙂 We often use it interchangeably with the conditional or when we want to be courteous. Like when Sr. Manuel says, “Eu queria saber se…”. It’s comparable to how in English, people say “I would like to” instead of “I want”.

  • Obrigado, Joseph!
    But what I meant are the words : in 00:33 poderei
    And in 00:37 poderá . They are future tenses but you can also use the conditional : poderia, isn’t it?

    • Ahh, now I see what you meant, thanks. In 00:33, the conditional wouldn’t sound very idiomatic. Only the simple future or the simple present (“como posso ser útil”?). However, in “00:37”, you could indeed use the conditional just as well as the future. This “courtesy future” of sorts wasn’t on my mind when I first replied to you and I hadn’t noticed it in the transcript, sorry 🙂

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