A Família Martins

Meet the Martins family from Porto! Learn more about what each family member does for work and how they like to spend their holidays.


  • Really enjoying the shorties- as a new Portuguese learner, super helpful to have the transcript (and the translation as an option). For the vocabulary list in the Shorties recording, it would be really helpful to add buttons to listen to the pronunciation of the new vocabulary while looking over the list- obrigada!

  • I agree with Eugene above as I was thinking the same, to be able to listen to the pronunciation of the vocabulary. and the questions in the quiz if possible.

  • Hi, just a question. in the transcription it says, o casal “tem” dois filhos, the couple has two children, why do you not use the plural form of the verb Ter?
    Regards Robert.

    • Hi Robert, in this case “the couple” is being considered a single unit (a collective noun), so it’s treated as 3rd person singular, rather than 3rd person plural. (This is a confusing topic in English too, as some would say “The couple has 2 children” and others would say “The couple have 2 children”.)

  • Hi Molly, thanks for your reply, I thought that might be the case when your translation said “the couple has two children”, I would always say “have two children”!
    Regards Robrrt.

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