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Episódio 4 – Parte II de Como Fazer as Pessoas Gostarem de Nós


  • Excellent site and a great way to improve listening skills. It would be really useful if you could add two things:

    1 A way to bookmark the article being studied so you don’t have to keep finding it every time you login

    2 A way that known words could be saved so that they could be referred to.

    Great work though.

    • Hokie dokie, #1 has now been added! While logged in, you can use the little “Bookmark” buttons throughout the site (including Podcasts, Learning Studio sections etc). Then they will appear under Account > Bookmarks.

      #2 will be coming in the future (Requires some bigger changes behind-the-scenes)

      Hope you like, let us know what you think. Thanks for your support and suggestions, Chris!

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