Fotografar Comida em Restaurantes / O Sono e o Álcool

Photographing Food in Restaurants / Sleep and Alcohol

Update: August 3, 2018 – As a gift to us and all Practice Portuguese fans, our friend Wayne Wilson has turned this episode into a fully-animated cartoon! The video is free for everyone to watch, plus our supporting Members get access to a special version with subtitles for improving comprehension.

The articles in this first episode are:

  • Fotografar Comida em Restaurantes
  • O Sono e O Álcool

We are proud to present the first of many episodes of the Practice Portuguese Podcast. We have many projects planned for European / Continental Portuguese learners, and is just the beginning.

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iTunes Store description:

Practice Portuguese is for the European Portuguese learner who wants to take the next step towards improving their listening and speaking skills. Don’t worry if you can’t understand everything at first. Just keep listening and your comprehension will improve with each episode.

A melhor forma de aprender uma língua é ser exposto a diálogos da vida real com pessoas nativas dessa língua. Practice Portuguese é para estudantes de português europeu que procuram dar o próximo passo em conversação e compreensão oral.

Check out the video version here.


  • Parabéns! This creative and entertaining podcast is great for everybody who wants to brush-up his/her comprehension and vocabulary of Portuguese. A hands-on and free resource for intermediate and advanced learners. Looking forward for more!

  • Gostar extremamente !!!! Muito parabéns Joel, Rui e all !!!! The efforts you are giving for us it’s not only great work but also a big reflection of love for European Portuguese learner. Wish you peace and well health so that society can benefits. Again a big thank for all of you. (Y)

  • Hi all ! Unfortunately I cannot download the Pdf Script of the first podcast episode. Anyone helping me? thanks in advance !
    Adeus !

  • I am trying to learn European Portuguese with the intention of moving to Portugal because I love the place, the culture and the people. This resource is great for me because you speak clearly and reasonably slowly which allows me to pick out the words I already know and see how you use them in sentences. For me listening and comprehension is the hardest part and the podcasts are great for that. Thank you.

  • O segundo article foi algo complicado é assim bastante chato e confuso. O primeiro foi mais interessante e mais efectivo para mim. Talvez os com uma mentalidade mais científica prefeririam o segunfo, porem estou com acordo com Jodl.

  • Hi, I’m glad to have found a resource for learning European Portuguese as the market is dominated by Brazilian Portuguese learning material. Speaking of which, as Europeans perhaps the British spelling of the English language should be used instead of American English. Ergo it should be ‘Practise Portuguese’ and not ‘Practice Portuguese’. Just saying 🙂

    • You’ve got a point, and the spelling of “Practice/Practise” isn’t lost on us! We chose that spelling because many aren’t familiar with or use the practise vs. practice rule in North America. Aside from that, we originally decided for the site to be in Canadian English as a bit of a compromise between US and British English… plus, as a Canadian, I was certainly biased in making that decision 🙂 In the future, we hope to offer additional base languages, which could certainly include splitting into a couple different English options, (American and British). Thanks for your support!

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