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Current Affairs 1


It’s the first episode of current events! In this new format we will share the most discussed news stories of the week. They will be more dynamic episodes, in which Rui and Joel participate simultaneously. Are you ready?


  • Hi! I like your new format but a bit more discussion of the news would be helpful. Incidentally, please don’t assume that we ‘reformados’ lead boring lives (as you seemed to imply, Rui, in the podcast). Over the last three years I have travelled on my own in Colombia, Malaysia and Argentina and am off to Brazil for three and a half weeks in April . (May have to abandon you for a while to listen to more Brazilians speaking Portuguese but I will be back!)

    • You are absolutely right, it was a silly joke without any thought behind it! I also know many retirees who refuse to sit still, I hope to be as active as well when the day comes 😉 enjoy your trip to Brazil, save travels

  • muito bon este episodio, comencei esta semana a aprender portugues, tenho un avô do la ilha do madeira que esta a viver aqui no venezuela. espero continuar aprendendo portugues, obrigado pelo su material.

  • Hi having just joined was wondering if you had an app to download to save logging in and out of the account. Thanks also for including beginners in the podcast.

    • Hi Lesley, thanks so much for your support as a premium member! We don’t have an app but it is something we are definitely looking into this year. A temporary workaround is to bookmark and login at this page:

      That login form has a “Remember me” checkbox that will keep you logged in longer. We will try to add that on the other form as well, I hadn’t noticed until now that the option wasn’t there. Thanks again for your message!

      ps. for beginner material, check out also the latest episode, Artigo 19. We have another episode at a similar level about to launched as well!

  • I just joined, and I’m such a beginner that I can’t even comment in Portuguese. But I’m finding that this very useful to try to train my ear to even distinguish Portuguese words from each other. Reading and writing isn’t a problem for me, and I’m enjoying learning to make the sounds and speak, but listening is nightmarish. The words all run together so fluidly that I’m finding it very difficult. So just listening while reading along in Portuguese is extremely helpful. And imagine my surprise to read something about Star Wars. That was a pleasant surprise. It seems that Rui is a fan and Joel is not?

    I really enjoyed your 5000 words piece. Is there a list of the actual 5000 words anywhere? I’ve looked around for it. That would be wonderful!

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