Artigo 2A Páscoa em Portugal

Artigo 2
A Páscoa em Portugal

Metade Jesus metade chocolate! Portugal e as suas tradições, num vídeo com legendas acessível para praticares ao teu ritmo.


  1. Muito origada! I would just like to say that for me the vocabulary you explain is quite easy, however some other words which are not explained are so complicated. For example: condenado, recheio (here I would need an english explanation).

    Até em breve

  2. Dear Rui and Joel,
    I am a member of Practice Portugues.
    I have a problem of Dialogo 2, can not open it properly.
    Would you please solve it for me?
    Thank you in advance.

    Wei Shen

  3. Obrigado. Well done. Btw, is it possible to stay on the same “page” when you select an espisode? For example, if i got to page 7 to select an espidoe and start play, the page optionb below the transcript resets to 1 for selecting episodes.

    • Olá Carlos, thanks for your message. At the moment, there isn’t a way to save the pagination of that episode scroller. However, that would be a lot more user-friendly so I’ve added it to our list! For now, your best bet might be to open an episode in a new window/tab, then close that new tab when you’re done to return to the episode scroller (with it’s position retained) in the previous tab.

      • Olá Joel. Muito Obrigado. Eu vou fazer como que tu disse…..apologies for any errors. I am still working on my grammar.

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