A Páscoa em Portugal

Easter in Portugal

Half Jesus, half chocolate! Portugal and its Easter traditions, in a video with subtitles so you can practice at your own pace.


  • Muito origada! I would just like to say that for me the vocabulary you explain is quite easy, however some other words which are not explained are so complicated. For example: condenado, recheio (here I would need an english explanation).

    Até em breve

  • Dear Rui and Joel,
    I am a member of Practice Portugues.
    I have a problem of Dialogo 2, can not open it properly.
    Would you please solve it for me?
    Thank you in advance.

    Wei Shen

  • Obrigado. Well done. Btw, is it possible to stay on the same “page” when you select an espisode? For example, if i got to page 7 to select an espidoe and start play, the page optionb below the transcript resets to 1 for selecting episodes.

    • Olá Carlos, thanks for your message. At the moment, there isn’t a way to save the pagination of that episode scroller. However, that would be a lot more user-friendly so I’ve added it to our list! For now, your best bet might be to open an episode in a new window/tab, then close that new tab when you’re done to return to the episode scroller (with it’s position retained) in the previous tab.

      • Olá Joel. Muito Obrigado. Eu vou fazer como que tu disse…..apologies for any errors. I am still working on my grammar.

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