O Joel Inscreve-se Num Ginásio (Animated!)

Joel Signs Up at a Gym (Animated!)

Previously released as audio-only, this classic episode has been brought to life as a fully animated feature, by Wayne Wilson!

A BIG thanks to Wayne for his countless hours of work in reimagining this Practice Portuguese episode. Please be sure to leave a comment on the YouTube video!

Animated by Wayne Wilson. Please help us thank him in the YouTube comments! ❤️

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  • Olá , obrigada pelo este shorty. Gosto muito.

    Mas as frases que começam com “sendo que”, não me parece de fazer sentido. Is it designed to be gibberish?

    • Olá, Hana. “Sendo que” is a common construction in formal Portuguese. It’s often used as a wordy alternative to “e” (and), even though this use is not prescribed by grammarians, for the most part.

  • Hello, thanks for the reply. Sendo que, I understand now. What about the content which follows the frase “sendo que”? Is it designed to make no sense? I mean to show that the calculation of the membership fee is so complicated that it’s beyond comprehension?


  • Ola Rui e Joel; Já ouvi a palavra “halterefilismo” para sua palavra “musculação. É usado tambem? Eu gosto de ambos.

    • Olá, David. Geralmente usamos halterofilismo* para descrever um desporto competitivo de levantamento de pesos. Não é o termo ideal para descrever a prática informal de musculação no ginásio (ou outro lugar) 🙂

      • Obrigado, Joseph. Agora sei a diferênca. “Halterofilismo” seria para os Olympicos ou a película, “Pumping Iron” então.

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