Em Português, Por Favor!

In Portuguese, Please!

Have you ever spoken to someone in Portuguese, only to have them immediately switch to English on you? The path of least resistance may be to just allow the conversation to stay in English, but in this video, Joel has had enough! He decides to keep the conversation in Portuguese, with the help of a few phrases he learned from an AMAZING blog post, “When the Locals Respond in English“.

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    • Olá Giulia! Ainda bem que adoras estes vídeos, obrigado pelo comentário. Mais destes no futuro? Esperemos que sim 🙂

  • In the above story, Joel says, “Estou á procura de um presente…” What is the difference if you were to say, “Estou a procurar um presente…” using the present continuous form?

    • You could say Estou a procurar as an alternative to Estou à procura, but it would just be less idiomatic. Both are correct, the difference being that procurar is a verb, while procura is a noun.

      So this would be a more literal translation of each one:
      Estou a procurar um presente = I am looking for a present
      Estou à procura de um presente = I am in search of a present

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