Visitar a Ponta da Piedade

Visiting Ponta da Piedade


Learn more about Ponta da Piedade, a beautiful place to visit in the south of Portugal!

  • What’s most common in practice for fractional numbers. 2,5 km is “dois vírgula cinco” but my car engine is 1.0L “um ponto zero” . Or can they be used interchangeably in speech. I get that comma separators are euro style.

    • With cars, it’s hard to escape the dots because they even come embedded on the frame, hah. Apart from cases like those, where we’re guided by visual references or a standardized nomenclature, commas would be the preference. But in informal speech, we tend to do away with them altogether. For example, “dois vírgula cinco quilómetros” would usually be “Dois quilómetros e meio” (two km and a half).

  • Bom dia,

    enquanto sente o balouçar das ondas. i cant understand this sentence well, i looked up dictionary, *baloucar* is verb, could you explain, pls.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Olá, Jia 🙂 Yes, “balouçar” is usually a verb, but it’s being used as a noun here, to describe the way the ship rocks from side to side because of the waves. You can spot a verb being used as a noun by the presence of an article just before it. Like in this case, where you have “o balouçar” (the rocking).

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