Uma Cena Muito Triste

A Very Sad Scene

Flustered after an eventful bus ride, Dona Ana shares what happened with Sr. Alberto.

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  • What does you say at the end? Sobe no a cabeça – or something like that. I can’t understand just that bit.

  • Wow – that was quick! Thank you very much, Molly. Neither I could catch that, nor could the Google automatic translation tool do it. Much appreciated!
    Take care!

  • Difficult to follow the story – especially with only one person talking. I even used the translate function but lost track of what actually happened.

    • Thanks for the feedback on this! We’ll keep it in mind for future episodes. I think you’re right that with the rambling way this story unfolds, it would be a little hard to follow in any language!

  • I enjoyed this story – it introduces a lot of vocabulary and caught a personality and tone. I found it fast with a lot of vocabulary, and I appreciated it a lot. I am trying to understand more of what I hear and I believe these stories are helping a lot. Sometimes I actually understand when people talk to me – but still not as often as I would like.

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