Uma Viagem Gastronómica

A Gastronomic Trip

José convinces his friend Marta to try snails for the first time. Will she go through with it?


  • Greetings,

    Interesting scene.
    Why does Marta use “Lisboeta” at :55? Is the “eta” a suffix that can be used with other words?
    I enjoy the Shorties

    • Olá, Steve. “Lisboeta” is the correct term to describe the people of Lisbon and anything else related to Lisbon. “-eta” is indeed a suffix that can appear in other words 🙂

    • Cerveja is the general term for beer. Imperial (or fino, further up north) is just for draft/draught beer 🙂

  • The shorties are an excellent – something I can run through quickly and containing lots of useful everyday expressions for other real lif econversations.

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