Uma Consulta no Hospital

An Appointment at the Hospital


A woman has not been feeling well lately, so she decides to go to the hospital to see her doctor.


  • The shorties are great! I always start the lessons by first reading the vocabulary (Mentally and verbally) and the expressions before listening to the dialogue first time with transcripts and the second time with transcript and translation and reading it out loud – then I take the test and if necessary repeat. It works for me.

    Would it be possible to add an audio link to the vocabulary and the expressions?

    Also, it has been great to download the dialogues to a MP3 file to listen to in my car – even the lovely photos show up on my media player. You know, I adore you both, but I
    Would it be possible to delete the from the start or the finish? When you are listen to 10 lessons consecutively there is absolutely no doubt I am listening to you two!



    • That’s a great way to approach the Shorties! So glad it’s working well for you and that you’re able to enjoy these on the go with the mp3 files. Adding audio to the vocabulary and expressions is definitely in the works for the future. Sorry about the repeated “Practice Portuguese ponto com”! I’ll pass along your feedback on that, thanks for your comments!

    • Hi Genesis! Sorry about the annoying bumper of “Practice Portuguese ponto com” at the beginning and end. The reason it’s there is because we have lots of teachers, tutors and others who use our recordings, and we just want to ensure that if these audios are out in the wild, then learners know where they came from. We at least tried to make them as short in duration as we could get away with to minimize the annoyance 🙂 Tip: Some third-party podcast apps (Overcast and Castro come to mind for iOS) allow you to skip X seconds at beginning and end for an entire podcast feed (like our Shorties), so that may be a more advanced workaround.

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