Uma Aventura num Balão de Ar

A Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Paula invites Luís to go on a hot air balloon ride. Will he overcome his fear of heights?

  • “Tenho de confessar que estava com dúvidas, pois tenho algum receio. “ . Eu procurei por priberam, “dúvida” tem um significado—receio. Aqui podemos compreender assim: tenho de confessar que tinha receio?

    • Olá, Ana. ‘Dúvidas’ tem um uso mais abrangente do que isso, mas sempre relativo a receios, perguntas, desconfianças ou hesitações. Neste contexto, podemos interpretar a frase, por exemplo, como “Tenho de confessar que estava hesitante, pois tenho algum receio” 🙂

  • Hi guys.
    I really enjoy theses shorties. I wondered if there’s any way of adding a function to automatically restart the pieces so you can listen to it on rotation without having to unlock your phone every 2 minutes?
    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Chris, glad you’re liking them! We could definitely consider adding that option. For now, one way you can accomplish this is to find the podcast feed by searching “European Portuguese Shorties” in a podcast app like Overcast (iOS), Apple Podcasts, or Pocket Casts (Android/iOS). As well as being able to repeat, you can save the audio for offline playback. Does that help? Thanks for your support 🙂

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