Um Encontro Interessante


Marta and António meet randomly in Lisbon and have an interesting conversation about their lives and professions.


  • Regarding pronunciation of the word “gosto” in this dialogue: here, it is a noun (as opposed to 1st person singular of the verb “gostar”). Am I correct in hearing the first syllable, the “o” is pronounced medium, whereas in the verb — gosto – I like — it’s pronounced open? Obrigado pela ajuda!

    • Yes, that’s right! Like you said, the pronunciation of the O in “gosto” (noun) and in “gosto” (verb) is distinct 🙂

  • Não entendi porque a mulher fala de forma tãaaao arrastada. E qual é sotaque que ela tem? É mesmo um sotaque português?

    • A pronúncia e forma de falar estão um pouco exageradas neste diálogo, mas a base do sotaque é do norte de Portugal. A personagem diz que é de Braga 🙂

  • It was a very interesting conversation ! Must be picking up the Portuguese language quicker than I thought as even I thought the lady was talking rather slowly !

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