À Caça Dos Feriados

Hunting for Holidays

Always looking for ways to escape school, Maria and Pedro figure out how many public holidays there are in the school year.

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  • Hi, I found it very difficult to catch what they are saying… as I findthat they speak very quickly but I know that’s the normal speed of conversation.I guess I’ll just ha etc keep listening and get used to it.
    Thank you,

    • Yes unfortunately most real speech is quite fast! But you’re right. If you keep listening it will get easier over time. One thing that can help is to click the “1x” in the upper right corner. Keep clicking until it’s at 0.8x or 0.9x. That will slow it down slightly for you without distorting the sound too much.

  • As much as the speed is a factor, not really knowing all the words being used is for me the bigger issue. I catch bits and pieces of dialog, but the meaning is lost because I just don’t recognize many of the words. That will hopefully improve with time.

    • It should improve over time as you gradually pick up more vocabulary. And learning vocabulary in context like this can be very effective. With some of the more specific episodes, sometimes it’s a good idea to review the vocabulary/expressions sections for a bit before playing the episode.

  • Was just reading through the vocabulary list now before listening to the shorty. I think it would probably be easier for us to be cued on which words are infinitive verbs (as opposed to the nouns in the list) if instead of saying only the main word, you could add “to” as in, “to rest” for descansar or “to finish” for acabar.
    Just a suggestion. Really enjoying my Portuguese language learning journey with you and your platform!

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