Tiago Aprende a Vestir-Se

Tiago Learns to Dress Himself


Hugo helps his son Tiago get dressed up in style for a family outing.


      • Wow! I was sure you were playing Hugo, Joel!!
        I agree with walshbuild.. These dialogues are really great for consolidating what has been presented in the learning units.
        It’s a great program, guys!

  • The child’s voice is extremely cute haha! Thanks for the incredible lesson! You consolidate all the lessons beautifully!!

  • Hi, just get the hang of when to use formal or informal verb tenses. Why does the father Hugo, address his young son Tiago, using the formal conjugation of the verb?

    • Hi there! This is tricky because those verbs are actually in the imperative mood, which is a different conjugation used for commands. So you are actually seeing the informal imperative conjugation when he is giving an instruction to Tiago such as “Take it” or “Put it on”. This topic won’t come up until later in this unit: The Imperative, but it was hard to avoid in a dialogue like this! So now you have a little preview. 🙂

  • Thanks for your reply Molly, that explains it, sort of! No worries, grammar is never easy, makes you wonder what type of sadist invented it

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